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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



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P u n n y G r a n d

1942 Dream-Image from Spermatogenesis

Punny Grand entered our human's awareness during the 1942 dream – in a scene  represent-ing spermatogenesis.

Her image – shaped by a thick fog – appeared to be of a headless, cloud-shrouded black hole, with a pulsating grid-design stretched across the hole where a neck should have been. The lines of the grid-segments inside the hole seemed to form triangles one moment, then squares the next.

Around the edge of the hole were cone-shaped rays moving quickly in all directions and pointing in and out of the hole. There may have been only one or two cones, but "after-images" made the fast-moving cones appear to be more in number than there actually were.

The movements in and around the cloud-image seemed to be "feminine". So in 1950 we paired "her" image with that of Metagod IV whose punned name (a metaphor "god" with "phor" written as "4" or "IV"); and we gave her a name that is complementary to his, as Punny Grand.

Because this cloud-image had been the only animated HUMANOID-shaped image in the spermatogenetic section of our human's 1942 dream, we all concluded that the image may have represented the paternal FEMALE ancestry (paternal grandmother genome?) of our human. (Genders seem to alternate in gametogenesis.)

Below is a more humanized version of Punny Grand, conceptualized after The Weaning and conscience-development of our human.

Here on Skyground, Punny Grand lives in the Forest of Id with Metagod IV. Together they take care of Ivory Tower (in a difficult balancing-act of extremes with Babble Tower), and they manage protocol on Skyground.

During creative projects, Punny Grand specializes in humor, puns, and connections relating to spermatogenesis and to Rose's (our Ego's) primordial relationships with Nature and the World.

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Punny Grand

In Dark Conversation With Rose Stone

from "Archetype Listening to The Dark"

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