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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



  • Metagod IV

  • Punny Grand

  • Cristeye

  • Rose(tta) Stone

  • Phil(osopher) Stone

  • Pacer

  • Birduck

  • Li'lA

  • RAMrider



     • WhereWhen

        • WhyHow


 • Tour Introduction 1:           Definitions

 • Tour Introduction 2:        Communication

 • Tour Introduction 3:              How-To

 • Orientation

      Tour Map

 • The Gates

 • The Doors

 • The Paths

      The Crossroads

      The Ladders

      The Tunnels

      The Stairs

      The Bridges




 • The Waters

      The Falls

      The Springs

      The Wells

      The Rivers

      The Seas

 • The Cave

 • The Desert

 • Babble Tower




 • Ivory Tower

      Great Hall

      Mission Room



          Ancient Maps

 • The Gardens

 • The Playground

      The Sandbox

 • The Clearing

 • Id





 • Birth Identity

      Archetypal Identity

      Infant Rage


 • The Weaning


 • Human Identity





      The Shadow(s)

 • Soul Identity


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MAPS: A large labeled map of our Skyground landscape is here (in progress). We continue to find new ideas and human meanings in our landscape – which we'll add to our map as we find them.

Similar ancient maps are archived here.


LINKS: To follow pages in sequence, use the link(s) at the bottom of each page; or you can skip around, using the margins or the upper and lower menus.


MEANINGS & LABELS: If all could be known about everything, all humans would be able to understand that their own "skyground" contains elements and functions that are similar or identical to the "skygrounds" of all other humans. And if everyone understood this, problems like loneliness would be eradicated from the Earth.

But this understanding is blocked because the meanings of skyground-environments vary, depending on each person's age or maturity, gender, state of mind and personality, belief system, and access to types of memory and varying memory-content (especially in "conscience" where human and pre-human identities and information mix).

All "skygrounds" can metaphorically represent the origin-sites of every creative concept – from Original Creation's "Garden of Eden" – to the human reproductive environment through which humans and we archetypes have arrived on Earth.

Our Skyground also shares similarity with the physical shapes of the brain and heart, representing the human mind and emotions – for direct connection with Soul during dreams, prayers, and meditations – to renew life and access new ideas:

For OBJECTIVE research and reference, enter Skyground and compare the many self-similar layers of memory and analogies that can be found exponentially nested within each location (and sometimes jokingly called "down the rabbit hole").

To avoid losing your way on any skyground-environment, center your human identity inside the triangulation of 3-locations-at-the-time (your previous, current, and next spacetime locations).

In that case, we archetypes serve as in-between guides of humans.

Using a Birduck-style archetype, you can raise your centered human identity above or below the "triangle", producing a tetrahedron-environment (a triangular pyramid) similar to an "up" or "down" quark in quantum physics.

Objective research adds personal understanding of the information in common knowledge, opinion, and falsehood. This also prepares you for safe subjective research later.

For SUBJECTIVE experiential research, reference, and creativity – engaged in by artists, writers, architects, inventors, scientists, etc, using dreams or meditation – human identity can become temporarily archetypal.

In that case, we archetypes become your temporary identity; you are us. And we are all on each location, together, where the environmental connections and influences can activate archetypal memories that produce new ideas.


INTERPRETATIONS of these Tour-experiences can be based on archetypal pre-human memories – or they can relate to the many analogies found in Earth's physical structures or in the human expressions of art, history, literature, science, math, politics, and religion.

UNDERSTAND MOTION in Dreams: Lines of travel (arcs, circles, or straight lines) and changes in direction (angles) can have meaning in dreams.

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