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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



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About Us

Our Names

R A M r i d e r

RAMrider represents human memory; and he arrived in our human's life with the evolution of human-identity and conscience-development.

Originally, RAMrider had access only to events that occurred after Rose and Phil Stone had arrived. But dreams have given him a connection to Li'lA and her memories of events that occurred before conscience-development.

Li'lA helps with all memory-events – from the times of our human's gametic evolutions, Conception, Gestation, and archetypal birth-Identity to the beginning of human-identity and development of social-conscience months and years later.

Yet, mysteries remain. So Rose and Phil are helping RAMrider organize and express questions like these:

 How did Li'lA survive her "destruction" as ovum-identity during Ovulation, until she was seen again about 3 days later, at the beginning of Gestation?

 Li'lA seems to have access to information gained from Conception. Does Li'lA, from ovum, understand the origin-dynamics of Rose, a clone of Punny Grand from sperm, or of Phil from Rose?

 What are or were the memory-relationships between Li'lA as an ovum-identity … and Punny Grand as a sperm-identity … and Rose as our human's ego-identity?

 The evolution of human personality seems to follow laws similar to those of MEIOSIS; and memory may follow the laws of MITOSIS(?). Was there "crossing over" of genes and then memory of that crossing over during the 3-day zygote stage after Conception?

Crossing over of genes is described at location 5:45 in the video, below – although we're more interested in laws as they control archetypal and human personality and memory rather than physical cells:

Length 12:15

  Do archetypal MEMORIES of previous physical gametic and gestation events control the evolution of personality, with memories of physical events producing the foundations of personality events, in similar sequence but one step later – like stair-steps?


Our human's Christian upbringing is now haunted by the associated ideas of Li'lA's "death" and "rose" 3-days-later. Did the "lost" remainder of Li'lA's elements of identity (from ovum) get transferred to Punny Grand (from sperm) for the evolution of Rose?

Much is still unknown by human science, about gametogenesis or about the evolution of human personality or memory.


Our human named RAMrider during the late 1990s.


RAMrider Consulting with Li'lA