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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



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NOTE: When describing human identity, we use EGO to represent the same gender as the human that is being discussed; and we use ALTER-Ego as the opposite gender. Our human is female, so Rose Stone represents our human's Ego-identity, and Phil Stone (next page) represents ALTER-Ego.

Rose arrived here before Phil, but Phil came into our human's awareness and was named  first. They were both named during the 1970s, long after they'd arrived into the human-world.

ALSO NOTE: The source of EGO-identity, for both male and female humans, is the paternal  gamete, SPERM.

The maternal gamete, ovum, carries no Earthly identity (see next paragraph) but is attached to Soul during Conception.

Earlier – during ovulation before Conception – the ovum's gametic identity had exploded into 4 fragments to become receptors for connections with Soul and with sperm, and for maternal and fetal connections after conception. During Conception, ovum's gametic identity is transformed into gametic and prenatal memory.

Very little is understood, by human science, about how human identity, personality, and memory evolve. Many of the processes seem to have similarity with cell meiosis and mitosis, as suggested below.


Earliest infant identity is gametic and archetypal – shaped by elements that hold dormant identities, knowledge, and powers that cannot function at the time of birth. Newborn infants have no boundaries except for those provided by sleep and dreams. All perceived objects – both inside and outside of the infant's personality – are claimed as identity.

Infant-dreams reinforce expectations that primordial powers will return. But continued powerlessness of those functions, in this world of frequent physical discomfort, only activates frustration and infant-rage. So intuition urges infant-Ego to seek comfort and power-solutions from the social environment, through human language and relationships. That is how Rose Stone, as Ego, became our main interpreter and communicator of symbols and language.


Increased need of power, and interest in the social environment, inspired a process (?similar to meiosis? or mitosis? on the primordial layer) for the replication of an Ego-identity from Punny Grand, to be socially humanized. So Rose was created for human identity and The Weaning and placed above the primordial layer.

Over time, parental censure of certain ideas and activities made it necessary for Rose to remove forbidden impulses and behavior from Ego. So an ALTER-Ego, Phil, was replicated from Rose(?) or from Punny Grand(?) by a process (?similar to meiosis?), to evolve a social-conscience and manage "prohibited" behavior.

To hide forbidden content, alter-Ego was soon placed behind  Ego. And with the new awareness of dimensions above-and-below, now also claimed for the physical body divided at the waist, 4-legged "animal-images" began to be used to represent repressed content, behind  – the origin of the idea of The Sphinx.

A winged sphinx (breasts in front become wings behind), such as the Sphinx of Agost, represents the personality after The Weaning when the human child (and this Sphinx of Agost) struggle(s) to walk.

With socialization of Ego, alter-Ego is eventually repressed downward, into a separate layer between Ego and the primordial dimension, where more changes occur during its development as the personal unconscious.

With The Weaning, the child's physical and emotional dependence on the mother and on earlier gametic identities decrease; and Ego-attachments to the father-source of Ego and to the importance of social reputation increase.

=to Phil Stone=>

Our archetype, Rose Stone, arrived here as an Ego and evolved with The Weaning of our child-human.  Her favorite word is "Why?"