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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



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The frames holding the chromosomes came together twirling, and they disappeared into a light that was reflected inside the curved wall of the "spherical" ovum. Each pairing was preceded by a loud "clang" and a blinding white light that dimmed and turned yellow as it diminished and disappeared.

Only the last four pairings were visible; and only the last pairing was clearly seen because there was no blinding white light following that pairing,  preceding another one.

The last two frames held a stretched "x" that looked like a Christian "cross", and a longer winding "x" that looked like the outlines of a horse, a bird, and the headless body of a woman.

The headless "woman" suggested a similarity-relationship with the cloud-image in spermato-genesis. And the "cross" and vertical "fish"-shape seemed to be related to Christian Jesus- symbolism, although the Jesus "fish" symbol is horizontal. So we pondered the differences between a vertical and a horizontal vesica piscis, as connectors between ideas.

In a Venn Diagram, a vertical vesica piscis, with circles side-by-side, represents a "peer" relationship between the circles; and a horizontal vesica piscis, with circles above and below, represents a hierarchical relationship between the circles.


In the spiritual sense, our human's Cristeye-connection represents a Cosmic cord from the energy-field that Christianity calls Christ (perceived by us as a Cosmic gonad or placenta in which Souls evolve and gestate).

Here on Skyground, Cristeye lives at The Clearing. But he spends much time in The Desert, comparing notes with Li'lA, and with his best teacher, student, and friend, Birduck.

During creative projects, Cristeye joins opposite and complementary ideas for insight.

Our human gave Cristeye his name in 1949, when Metagod IV was named.

=to Rose Stone=>

Cristeye and Birduck

Quenching Thirst, Between Falls and Springs

© 2001 Pat Thompson

This is a humanized version of Cristeye, conceptualized by our human after The Weaning and conscience-development.


We archetypes and our fragments welcomed Cristeye during our human's Conception in 1935.

Nearly 7 years later, our human's archetypal identities "re-lived" that event during the Conception-scene of the 1942 dream. During that scene, Cristeye was manifested as 23 Vesica Piscis-connections between the 23 paired "frames" of  connecting  chromosomes, as:

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