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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



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Page 1 of 3: Definitions

Welcome to our TOUR of Skyground!

Human "skygrounds" – such as this one – are archetypal environments where the human-connection to mysteries begin and can be solved.

Yet, humans still have not found an adequate and accurate language to describe events here; so communication will be our main problem. If you have better ideas, click on one of our Facebook links, and express them.

Links to the Tour-pages and a map of Skyground are on the left margin of each page, and additional menus are at the top and bottom of the pages.

A larger map of Skyground (still in progress) is on our TOUR MAP page. And ancient maps and links to other humans' "skygrounds", similar to our own, are on the ANCIENT MAPS page of our Ivory Tower Archives.

Our Skyground website is a virtual environment that represents the physical Reproductive Domain in which every human has been created. And archetypal memories of that personal creation still echo as a creative process by which our, your, and every human's creations, belief-systems, institutions, and societies are also produced.

By returning to origins – through meditation, prayer, or dream-memory – you can reconnect with those archetypal influences and conceive new ideas for your own personal creations and for improving Earth-life.

By analogy, "skygrounds" are much like a human mind – an organized collection of information perceived during a lifetime of experiences. But "skygrounds" also include instinct – the (archetypal) connections between mind and emotions.   


The Laws of the Creative Process permeate every domain, dimension, and plane of Existence, giving all environments and their creations and actions self-similarity.

The term "self-similarity" is a concept that humans need to learn, at this point, because all environments and processes of and for human creation have self-similarity with all other environments and processes of creation, including those within the religious analogy of The Original Creation.


Here on our Tour – and on our "Self-similarity" page – we try to clarify some of the many ways the elements of archetypal and human identity complete the links of communication with the Laws of The Creative Process.

Clarification is necessary because the self-similar connections can result in conflation of identities, locations, and even domains, which can lead to mental and emotional disorientation and instability if not revealed and re-interpreted. For example:

1) From a human's birth to old age, many changes occur within the personality, and to the relationships between the personality and everything else.

3) New ideas are welcome when they're actively sought. But when the ideas are unexpected and polluted with "good-versus-evil" repressed content, they can be puzzling or frightening.

4) There is no real or symbolic language available to represent SOUL-activity yet, for human understanding and expression. And religious icons displace the human's personal Soul-connection, impairing consciousness and creativity.

But with improved consciousness, humans can reduce these problems and search for better solutions – like SUBLIMATION of destructive impulses – or by appealing to the LEFT and RIGHT sides of the brain, to SHARE perspectives connected to the Earthly social and scientific laws on the left and the Cosmic Laws of The Creative Process on the right.

When the two sides of the brain and heart can constructively communicate with each other, they are in a state called SYZYGY, pronounced siz-uh-jee.

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2) Where self-similar overlapping occurs – as at the blue vesica pisces in the Venn diagrams on the right – the Laws of the Creative Process AND SOUL are most active, echoing human-Conception and generating the conception of new ideas.