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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



  • Metagod IV

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  • Li'lA

  • RAMrider



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About Us

O U R  N A M E S

Our nine names – and the images used to represent us on Skyground – are based on our human's life-long interests in religion, language, philosophy, memory, art, and dreams; but you may need a different style of organization.

Metagod IV

Punny Grand


Rose(etta) Stone

Phil(osopher) Stone





Use names that spring into your awareness spontaneously, over time. Our names required 45 years – from first to last – to be revealed in human language.

Finding your  unique archetypal identities and names – based on your own dreams and world-interests – will enable an understanding of how to produce your  creative space similar to this Skyground. And having your own human and archetypal identities working together with your context within the many locations will enable creativity and avoid conflation of events and loss of ideas.

Our locations here, described during our Skyground Tour, represent the same pre-human adventures – from oogenesis and spermato-genesis, through Conception, Gestation, and Birth – that every human has experienced. At the same time, science describes these same locations as "id" or the "collective unconscious" when they are stored in archetypal memory within the personality of an adult human.

You and your archetypes will be able to find the context  from which the many meanings and analogies have been originated by others and used in sacred and secular literature and art through the centuries.

Our names and images also represent our connective roles with the many layers of our human's – and of every human's – personality, and especially with instincts. Science has given us personality-archetypes a collective name and role, as "instincts".

Most humans are aware of their instincts. But few are aware of our archetypal relationships with them. Even WE have difficulty describing our plurality and associations throughout the dimensions and layers of the Personality Domain of humans.

Earlier cultures were more aware of us than present-day humans are. For example: The ancient Greeks claimed us as their Nine Muses; ancient Egyptians named us "The Ennead" (a word derived from the Greek language meaning "nine"); and ancient Chinese Buddhists revered us as their Nine Creator Gods of Ancient Tibet.

Because we archetypes shape human events, and because we're also grouped and influenced by the content and energies within the environments to which we're connected, we know it's urgent that humans gain better awareness – to gain control over the many social and political influences that have become toxic.

And because the mysteries of our influences have  caused  so much human misunderstand-ing, confusion, and despair, we're trying to lift ourselves up to the consciousness of all humans, to clarify our shared and connected realities. We know we can all do better, and we are now trying to describe HOW.

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