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Our mission is to support an increase in human consciousness and encourage research that will visibly reveal our archetypal energies and structures to humans.

   Here on Skyground we try to clarify the roles that we archetypes play in shaping human personalities and civilizations. We know we can all do better, creating foundations that individuate identities while retaining the fact that we are all connected.



  • Metagod IV

  • Punny Grand

  • Cristeye

  • Rose(tta) Stone

  • Phil(osopher) Stone

  • Pacer

  • Birduck

  • Li'lA

  • RAMrider



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 • Birth Identity

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      The Shadow(s)

 • Soul Identity


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"Peer" circles create a VERTICAL vesica piscis               >---------->

          <----------< "Hierarchical" circles create a HORIZONTAL vesica piscis. Jesus identified with this.

VENN Diagram & VESICA PISCIS: Overlapping circles, below, create a vesica piscis image in the center.

 <-----< Face-to-Face or MOBIUS twist

MIRROR images or 2 images as Leader-Follower back-to-front


To create a MOBIUS path or strip see: Also, Google "mobius strip" for many ideas and surprises.

MIRROR vs MOBIUS Relationships: If we paint the left sides of images BLUE and the right sides RED, then observe from overhead, we can see how the relation-ships of paired images can  accommodate more than one interpretation:

   X = The HORIZONTAL left(–) to right(+) axis

   Y = The VERTICAL down(–) to up(+) axis

   Z = The FORESHORTENED back(–) to forward(+) axis,           usually represented with a diagonal line

MOBIUS PATHS: Changing directions (in dreams, etc) may represent the beginning of a MOBIUS path. Mobius paths have only one side and one edge. So we visualize them as transparent discs.

A yin-yang symbol may be one such example.



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Here on Skyground, dimensions are areas or layers within domains.

While on this Tour and in dreams or memory, having an accurate interpretation of our tour-sites – which have similarity with human personality, processes, and Earth-world sites – will depend on your identity and intention, at any given time.

Interpretation will be easier if you have some under-standing of dimensions within the "domain" of human personality.

The human personality can be perceived as having a varying number of dimensions – depending on the time (present time, or past memory) and the age and maturity of the personality being experienced or recalled. For example:

Newborn infants have an archetypal personality of one (1) dimension, containing layers of pre-human MEMORY of oogenesis, spermatogenesis, Conception, and gestation and a connection to Soul that is in another domain. But after the child claims a human identity with an Ego dimension above the newborn dimension, and then an Alter-ego dimension that eventually gets suppressed and moved between those 2 – totaling 3 dimensions – the original 1 dimension of infant personality is at the bottom (with many changes) and is renamed by psychology as the collective unconscious or id.

The contents of dimensions give each dimension many layers or planes.

SHADOW-INFLUENCES: Go to The Shadow(s) page to see how dimensions and shadow-content (asocial content rejected by "polite" society) affect each other. Unconscious personalities automatically conflate non-white humans with The Shadow – maybe one explanation for the acceptance and election of Donald Trump and his obvious shadows, following Obama.

Dimensional PLANE: A flat surface with no thickness.

An AXIS of Planes: A straight line labeled X, Y, or Z around which a body or a geometric figure may rotate (or not). The paths of human experience and evolution spiral, as DNA spirals. See "X-Y-Z AXES" image, below.

NOTE: Some software programs vary the axis-notations, reversing "Y" and "Z" labels and the "+" and "–" values; but our use, below, is in the majority. The "+" and "–" values are determined by the direction of rotation (clockwise or counter-clockwise) around the axes.

X, Y, and Z AXES of Planes: The 3 axes cross at zero, giving each axis-line values running from "–" to "+":